Alpha Seeker Series

Alpha Seeker

A Prequel Novella

Being the youngest alpha female in the Aruna pack has its perks, but picking her mate isn’t one. Faced with a political mating, Faelynn sneaks away from the annual Gala intent to find a quiet corner where she can escape into a book. While reading, she overhears a plot that involves her, her blood, and her line.

Panicked, she runs from the Apollo pack’s guards and seeks shelter in a bookstore. While hiding, she meets up with a wolf who she hasn’t seen in five years. The very wolf who ruined her for other men isn’t dead like she assumed.

Finding his fated mate standing in his exiled prison has Raff seeing red. Stripped of his title and position to protect Faelynn, he has nothing to offer her.

He’s now faced with a choice to claim her as his own or walk away. But whatever he choses will change the course of fate for both of them. With the clock ticking until Faelynn is forced to mate another, Raff will need to use every ounce of power he possesses to save his mate and put an end to the corrupt alpha’s reign.

Moon Kissed

Alpha Seeker Book One

Chosen in secret to be the Alpha Seeker, it is Pearl’s duty to carry out a mission many have failed at. Find a worthy Alpha. The packs are led by corrupt, power hungry alphas who have stripped families, like hers, of their titles and forced them into exile. Now, her mate will be the alpha to unite the packs and bring balance by righting the wrongs of the past.

Rylan has seen the corrupt nature of wolves firsthand, and can't deny his own lust for power. In spite of it all, he is pushing his desire for political gain aside to seek answers from a different source. In order for him to achieve his full potential, he must find his true mate. Too bad she hates him.

Now both are investigating the death of the previous Alpha Seeker, they realize that—like it or not—they can accomplish more together. Can Rylan use the opportunity to convince Pearl he’s changed for the better? Or will Pearl reject him and leave him to a life of madness and ruin?

Moon Mated

Alpha Seeker Book Two




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